getting around san francisco
BART - The Bay Area's Subway System (map)
BART runs trains in San Francisco and to the surrounding suburbs starting early in the morning until midnight. Check out their website for fare and schedule information or use Google Maps to get point-to-point directions by public transportation.

MUNI - San Francisco's Light Rail and Bus System
San Francisco Municipal Transit runs buses and trains throughout the city.  Check out their website for fare and route information. If you have a smart phone, will let you know when the next bus or train is coming.  You can also use Google Maps to get directions by public transportation.

Taxis in San Francisco are abundant in the downtown area and at major hotels, but sparse in most other neighborhoods. Here are a few numbers for taxi companies:

Luxor Cab - .415.282.4141 -
DeSoto Cab - .415.970.1300
Yellow Cab CO-OP - 415.626.2345 -
A taxi ride to the reception from the hotel should cost around $8 each way including tip. Parking near the reception costs around $15 for the whole night.

ZipCar or City Car Share
Both ZipCar and City Car Share have many pods in downtown San Francisco. If you already have a ZipCar or City Car Share membership, you might want to consider reserving a car for day trips instead of renting a car for the weekend to avoid having to pay parking fees at the hotel. 

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